Graphic Design Career Peer Advisor


Tagline or fun fact about yourself

“I’m shining so bright I feel like a star”- FairyMari. I make music, support on Soundcloud @FairyMari

Life Story

I was born in California but lived in Mexico until I was 13 years old. I didn’t know any English when I first got here. I’m a proud first generation student coming from two immigrant parents. I love Mexico and my culture.

Out of work obsession(s)

Filming aesthetic videos

Funny Story

I broke a rib carrying my baby cousin… somehow smh.

Best part of college experience

The opportunity to be whoever you want to be.

Personal Success story

Sticking my beam routine at the gymnastics state meet my senior year

Favorite place in the whole world

The Ocean

Something you wish you had more time for

Making art (any and all kind)

Best way to spend a Saturday

Chilling in the morning and then getting ready to go out with friends

What's the one thing you would do, if you were able to do it?


Individual you most admire

My brother

Who or which band do you like listening to, the most?

Peep, Tracy, Yung Bruh, $uicide Boy$, Fka Twigs, Antae

Best word of Advice for students

Reinvent yourself, challenge yourself, question everything, question your morals, ask yourself why things are the way they are and don’t settle for a simple answer


“Coming up I might get recognized when I walk around” – Lil Tracy