Graphic Design Career Peer Advisor


Tagline or fun fact about yourself

Mother of many stuffed animals

Life Story

I’m from San Jose, CA—land of drought, computers, and boba. I moved to Minnesota in hopes of experiencing real weather (and also for college). I am currently a sophomore studying graphic design.

Out of work obsession(s)

Spider-Man, food, cute fluffy animals, sewing, Taco Bell, despairing over the state of the world

Funny Story

I have the incredible ability of tripping over nothing.

Best part of college experience

Getting the opportunity to learn about yourself

Personal Success story

Moving out of state for college!

Favorite place in the whole world

My bed

Something you wish you had more time for


Best way to spend a Saturday

Hanging out with friends, eating food, living life!

What's the one thing you would do, if you were able to do it?

Visit all the planets in the solar system

Individual you most admire

Michelle Obama

Who or which band do you like listening to, the most?

I like too many artists to choose a favorite. There are too many good ones out there!

Best word of Advice for students

Balance is key


“Ugh” – Black Panther