Peer Advisor

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology


Empathy, Developer, Includer, Positivity, Input

Life Story

I grew up just north of Chicago, always climbing trees and playing outside. I grew to love running and nature and today those are still two of my favorite things. 

Out Of Work Obsessions

Running, plants, reading, and spending time with friends. 

Funny Story

I trip almost every day. 

Best Part Of College Experience

Meeting so many incredible people and being opened up to experiences I otherwise wouldn’t get.

Personal Success Story

I trained in four weeks to run my first half marathon, I was so proud of myself when I crossed the finish line. 

Something You Wish You Had More Time For

Reading for fun. 

Favorite Place In The Whole World

Charlevoix, Michigan

Best Way To Spend A Saturday

A nice run, hanging out with my roommates, and some quality time outside.

Who Or Which Band Do You Like Listening To, The Most?

My all-time favorite artist would have to be Catfish and the Bottlemen, but I will really love any alternative artist. My favorite song of all time is Dennis by Roy Blair.

What's The One Thing You Would Do, If You Were Able To Do It

Travel to every place on earth.

favorite quote

“If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about? What am I working towards?” - Creed Bratton