Career Counselor

Science students, Graduate Students, Government Employment


Maximizer, Connectedness, Individualization, Developer, Activator

Diversity Training, Involvement & Awards
  • Silver Award, Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Program
  • GLBT Ally Training 1 & 2
  • St. Paul Campus GLBTA Advisory Committee
  • International Student Services Workgroup, Career Development Network.
  • Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising
Life Story

I grew up in Chicago (not "Chicagoland", but really in Chicago), developing a love of public transportation, ethnic food and museums. My undergraduate majors included journalism, special-ed and biology. Every major fit me for a different reason and I'm glad I considered them all. I stuck with biology and my student jobs in research labs on campus certainly helped me land my first job after graduation: in a research lab at Loyola Medical School. After several jobs in biomedical research, and a lot of volunteering and training with community support groups, I decided to get a masters degree in counseling psychology and change careers. The skills required, work environments and personality types of my colleagues in my two careers are very different from each other; I've developed in each, and love that my work experience is as diverse as it is.

Out Of Work Obsessions

Antiquing (junk shopping, really!) - looking for nearly free junk that I can transform into something beautiful or clever that someone (maybe me!) will use and/or treasure.

Something You Wish You Had More Time For

Creating in my head and then implementing with my hands.

Favorite Place In The Whole World

Our garden is hidden on our corner lot in urbania. Beyond the lilac hedge are the stone steps down into my HeavenRightHere: a gazillion shades of green surround tulips, iris, phlox, daisies, impatiens, coleus; dozens of birds at the feeder on a good day; neighbors calling hello from the street. It's my favorite place in the whole world to sit, to work, to visit, to read, to be grateful, and to plan next year's plantings.

Personal Success Story

One of my favorite work-related stories is that of my first interview for a career counseling position, after my first career in research labs. I was very excited to have been invited to interview for a position in a science college where both my new counseling degree and my years of science experience would be utilized and valued. It was a long day of multiple interviews and I enjoyed every minute of it. I knew science research, trusted my instincts as a counselor, and was embarking on a Big New Adventure in my professional life. I had a blast talking with the many interesting people I met that day about my skills and experiences and how I hoped to shape their career services center. I'm sure that my comfort with the reciprocal process of the interview – do they like me and do I like them? – impacted the positive outcome of the interview. I wish that every one of my students in Career and Internship Services, in their next interview, experience the comfort and confidence I felt that day. Strive to enjoyyour interviews (practice helps, a lot!)!

Best Way For Students Not To Get Their Dream Job

Not following up with potential employers. Persistence is important when looking for a job or internship. Sending thank you letters and follow-up calls are a good way to make a personal connection.

Best Words Of Advice For Students

Pay attention. Pay attention to your head and to your heart, to adults and friends you trust and admire, to that sick feeling in your stomach and that song in your soul. Pay attention.