Nutrition, Assessment, Strengths-Based Leadership, Cultural Competency


Strategic, Intellection, Ideation, Includer, Input

Diversity Training, Involvement & Awards

- GLBT Ally Training 1 & 2
- Silver Award, Diversity & Inclusion Recognition Program
- Diversity Committee, Minnesota Colleges & Universities Career Services Association 

Life Story

Bachelor's in Political Science and Psychology, Master's in College Student Personnel, Over 20 years of work in higher ed as an academic adviser, internship coordinator, career counselor and director of career centers.

Out Of Work Obsessions


Funny Story

I attempted to drive a British double-decker bus from Minneapolis to Atlanta, but it caught on fire and exploded into flames on a Kentucky interstate.

Best Part Of College Experience

Road trips.

Favorite Place In The Whole World

My grandma's farm.

Something You Wish You Had More Time For


Band You Like Listening To The Most


One Thing You Would Do If You Were Able to

Live abroad.

Best Word Of Advice For Students

Aim high, plan well.

Favorite Quote

"Vocation is where your deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger."  - Buechner