Career Resources for Adult Learners

Student Reading in Lawn Chair

The University of Minnesota often defines adult learners as those students who are parents or undergraduates older than 24 years of age. Below you will find some career related information specific to the needs of adult learners.

Age Discrimination

While some mature students are concerned employers may not hire them due to their age, in many cases an employer will value your unique experience! When job searching:

  • Remind employers that due to your experience you have clear goals, hands-on experience, a track record of success, and realistic expectations
  • Focus on your strengths and attributes and use storytelling techniques to back up your claims of these skills
  • Project yourself as cheerful and flexible

Learn more about your rights related to age discrimination.

Balancing Family Responsibilities

If you are a student parent, you may have unique challenges and stresses that result from trying to balance both academics and parental responsibilities. The Student Parent HELP Center provides academic, financial and family support to parents and financial aid to low-income students, including childcare grants.

Many adult learners are also caring for their aging parents–a situation which can create additional stress on ones time and resources. To get tips for managing this stress check out Sandwich Generation Moms Feeling the Squeeze from the American Psychological Association. 

Finding Job Openings

Targeting organizations that are known to value experienced workers is also a good approach. Check out The 25 Best Employers for Workers Over 50 to learn about some of these organizations. Also consider checking out Interns Over 40 for a list of internship opportunities for adult students.

The strategies for finding job openings are very similar for all students, so be sure to check our job and internship resources for a comprehensive search.

Additional Resources