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Career and Internship Services Staff

Find the career counselor for your major and get to know our team. If you don't see a time online that works for your schedule, please email [email protected] or call 612-624-2710. Appointments have to be scheduled at least 1 day in advance.


Brian Green, Career Counselor in Training

Serves degree-seeking students in CCAPS, CDes and CFANS

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Sara Newberg, Director

Serves the following CFANS students

  • Undergrads and grad students in Nutrition

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Maggie Kubak, Career Counselor

Serves the following CFANS students

  • Undergrads in BBE, ESPM, FNRM, FScn, FWCB, PlSc, SAFS
  • Grad students in APSC, BBSEM, CONS, ENT, FSCI, LAAS, NRSM, PLPA, WRS

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Elizabeth (Liz) Hruska, Career Counselor

Serves the following degree-seeking CCAPS students

  • Undergrads in CMGT, HSM, HWS, ITI, ICP, MOM, MdS, and Undeclared
  • All grad students in CCAPS

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Paul Zheng, Career Counselor

Serves the following CDes students

  • Undergrads in Retail Merchandising

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Heather Nagle, Career Counselor

Serves the following CDes students

  • Undergrads in Arch, ADes, GDes, IDes, LA, PDes, and Undeclared
  • All grad students in CDes

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Ben Hansen, Career Counselor

Serves the following CFANS students

  • Undergrads in AFBM, AgEd, ACM, AnSc, ApEc, SSM, and Undeclared 
  • Grad students in AgEd, AnSc, ApEc

Ben is out until Thursday, October 21. Please call our front desk at 612-624-2710 or email [email protected] days/times you are free and we will schedule you with the first available career counselor.

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Mari Ruddy, Internship Coordinator

Teaches and coordinates sections of CFAN 3096 and CFAN 2096 and manages the CFANS Unpaid Internship Grant

[email protected]

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Sharon Heron, Employer Engagement Associate

Manages career fairs and events for CCAPS, CDes and CFANS audience along with relationships with employer partners

[email protected]

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