Career Resources for First Generation College Students

Group of First Generation Students

First Generation College Students are usually defined as students whose parents have not graduated from a four-year college or university. They are often the first in their immediate families to earn a bachelor's degree.


Building Your Community

Many first generation college students feel socially isolated and alone, so having and building a community with other students, staff, and professionals is important and crucial to the overall college experience. 

To start building your community and professional network during your first couple of years at the University of Minnesota, consider joining a mentor program – either in your college or through one of the special interest offices such as the LGBTQIA Mentor Program to start having career conversations around general job search advice, information, tips, and referrals

Student cultural centers that are a great way to meet people, build leadership experience, learn more about the university, and explore things in which you may be interested. Additionally, you may be interested in joining one of the over 900 registered student groups.

It is important to start reaching out to professionals in your field or area of interest for career conversations early in your college career to build your professional network and community. Not sure how to get connected with professionals? Brainstorm previous teachers, current professors, career consultants, academic advisors, family, friends, and co-workers – often, your network and community is larger than you initially imagined!

Career & Internship Services

Our staff are here to support you in all things career and would love to be part of your community. Make an appointment with us to discuss some topics helpful and relevant to first generation college students:

  • Major and career exploration
  • Internship planning
  • Job searching
  • Interview prep and practice