CFAN 3201: Career & Internship Prep

Classroom of Students

Open to all CFANS and all CCAPS majors. Ideal for students seeking full-time jobs or internships. 1 credit. Offered Fall/Spring. 

Course Content

Career & Internship Preparation will teach you the skills necessary to find a great job or internship in your major. Course topics include resume & cover letter writing, effective interviewing, finding job openings, salary negotiation and much more! 

Sample syllabus

Quotes from Past Students

  • "This was one of the most interesting and helpful classes I’ve taken."
  • "Tell students to take it earlier, don’t wait until the last semester!!"
  • "Excellent Class - should be required for all college majors."
  • "Incredible Class!!! I learned a lot of essential material related to the career I will choose."
  • "I feel this class has been beneficial to me and I am advising others to try and fit this class into their schedule."