CFAN 4096: Reflecting on Your Professional Experience 

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About the Course

CFAN 4096 is ideal for CFANS and CCAPS students who have secured an internship that will take place in the summer and would like to receive academic credit for the experience, reflect on internship learning and progress, and receive ongoing instructor support. This course meets CFANS experiential learning requirement for some majors. This 1 credit course is offered in the fall. 

There is a required no-credit, no-cost, 8-week prerequisite Canvas module students must successfully complete to get a permission number to enroll. Please see the registration instructions for details.

Registration Instructions

Key Internship Requirements

Your experience will qualify if you...

  • Will spend more than 120 hours in the experience (you may do 30 of these hours before or after the semester of your experience)
  • Are completing a project or undertaking activities related to your major field or intended profession
  • Have begun your experience no more than 6 months prior to the first day of the course
  • Will be supervised by someone in your intended profession who is not a member of your family
  • Will be able to attend the required in-person class meetings for the course
  • If you have any doubt about whether your internship/professional experience will be approved, ask the Internship Coordinator, Mari Ruddy, before accepting your experience at [email protected]

If you are doing your internship outside of the US: 

  • You must have access to the course site on Canvas throughout your experience
  • Your internship supervisor must be able to respond in English to emails and evaluations
  • Check GPS Alliance for countries that require pre-approval for student international travel.
  • Register your international travel with the Student International Travel Registry. Through that process, you will complete an online health and safety module through Canvas and receive University-approved international medical insurance.

Course Content and Structure

This course is designed to enhance your internship or related field experience through self-reflection assignments/activities, and in-person and online forum discussions. At the end of the course, students will be able to redefine and articulate their career goals and market their accomplishments to future employers. Students will participate in scheduled, mandatory in-class sessions listed in the class schedule and submit assignments through Canvas.

Sample Syllabus


If you have questions about experiential learning or CFAN 4096 please email our Internship Coordinator, Mari Ruddy, at [email protected].

Internship Digital Stories

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