Faculty Advisors and Course Instructors


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Construction Management Faculty Advisor

Peter Hilger, [email protected]


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Apparel Design Faculty Advisors

Hye-Young Kim, [email protected] - enter Hye-Young for summer 2021 for all ADes major requesting approval

Graphic Design Faculty Advisors

Frances Trice, [email protected] - enter Frances for summer 2021 for all GDes major requesting approval

Interior Design Faculty Advisors

Hye-Young Kim, [email protected] - enter Hye-Young for summer 2021 for all IDes major requesting approval

Landscape Architecture Faculty Advisor

Brad Agee, [email protected]

Product Design Faculty Advisor

Jim Wilson, [email protected]

Retail Merchandising Faculty Advisor

Peggy Lord, [email protected]


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Animal Science Faculty Mentors

If you're not sure who your faculty mentor is, please check the 'Academics' tab on MyU

Andres Gomez, [email protected]

Anup Kollanoor John, [email protected]

Beth Ventura, [email protected]

Christopher Faulk, [email protected]

Kyle Rozeboom, [email protected]

Laura Mauro, [email protected]

Leslie Hansen, [email protected]

Marcia Hathaway, [email protected]

Marshall Stern, [email protected]

Mary Raeth, [email protected] 

Melissa Palmer, [email protected] 

Milena Saqui-Salces [email protected]

Scott O'Grady, [email protected]

Tony Seykora, [email protected]

ESPM, FWCB, FNRM Faculty Mentors

Select the faculty mentor for the section you want to take

David Smith, [email protected] - ESPM 4096 section 003

Nic Jelinski, [email protected] - ESPM 4096 section 002

Raymond Newman, [email protected] - ESPM 4096 section 001

Plant Science Faculty Mentors and Course Instructors

Alan Smith, [email protected]

Brian Steffenson, [email protected]

Craig Sheaffer, [email protected]

Eric Watkins, [email protected]

James Anderson, [email protected]

James Kurle, [email protected]

Julie Grossman, [email protected]

Kevin Smith, [email protected]

Mary Brakke, [email protected] - ARGO 4096W Course Instructor also

Mary Rogers, [email protected] - HORT 4096W and HORT 4096 Course Instructor also

Neil Anderson, [email protected]

Nevin Young, [email protected]

Nicholas Jordan, [email protected]

Rob King, [email protected]

Robert Blanchette, [email protected]

Ruth Dill-Macky, [email protected]

Stan Hokanson, [email protected]

Tom Michaels, [email protected]