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Strategies and Resources for Inclusive Hiring
Hiring Students with Disabilities
Hiring International Students

To connect with our students in an authentic and inclusive way that provides you with the broadest pool of talent, consider these tips and resources:

Strategies and Resources for Inclusive Hiring

Consider the Whole Package

  • The best candidates will bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and skills, not just a high GPA.
  • Consider being flexible with requirements in order to attract a broad range of strong candidates.
  • Evaluate minimum requirements.

Be Aware of Cultural Communication Styles

  • A handshake upon greeting or eye contact while speaking may not be culturally appropriate for all students. Follow the communication cues of the students by offering a smile and a friendly greeting.
  • Ask open-ended questions about students’ interests to get them engaged in conversation.
  • Avoid acronyms or jargon unique to your organization.

Be Transparent

  • Communicate your organization’s commitment to equity and diversity, such as stating your organization’s values, what affinity groups you have, and other related initiatives.
  • Be open with students about the culture of your organization. Share information to help them assess whether your organization is a good match for them.

Develop Clear and Inclusive Job Descriptions

  • Reflect your organization’s values around creating an inclusive work environment.
  • Identify the specific ways employees can support inclusion efforts.
  • Make special note of inclusive benefits (parental leave policies, partner benefits, etc.)
  • Check out this sample position description (PDF).

Example Concerns Students May Have About Identity in the Job Search

  1. How do I disclose my identities in my job search?
  2. I’m worried my appearance may raise concerns to prospective employers (ex. hair color/style, piercings, tattoos, religious attire, gender expression, etc.). How do I decide whether to change my appearance for an upcoming interview?
  3. Should I list a certain organization on my resume that may “out” me (i.e. religious groups, political affiliations, LGBTQ organizations, etc.)?
  4. What should I do if I’m asked an illegal interview question?
  5. I do not shake hands for cultural reasons. What should I do at my interview?
  6. How do I identify whether a company or organization will be a good fit for me?
  7. I know I will need accommodations during my interview or on the job. How do I address this?
  8. I’m worried my background check may raise concerns. What should I do?
  9. How do I address citizenship status if I am unable to legally work in this country?
  10. How do I answer the question, “do you need a sponsor to work in the U.S.?”
  11. What are the legal protections for transgender individuals in the workplace in Minnesota?
  12. How can I research what health coverage benefits are available to me through a prospective employer?
  13. I have a gap on my resume because of a leave of absence for a mental health crisis. How can I manage this in my job search or address the impact it had on my GPA for graduate school?
  14. Where can I get help knowing how to best highlight my military service as being relevant to a position?
  15. I got a job offer and have heard that women often make less than men in the U.S. How do I make sure I am paid fairly?
  16. I am experiencing some changes in my family structure (i.e. marriage, pregnancy, children, adoption, death of a family member, changes in primary care status, etc.), and I am worried about how this could impact employer perceptions of my ability to effectively do my job. How do I navigate this?

Hiring Students with Disabilities

Check out our Hiring Students with Disabilities Guide (PDF) for specific strategies to help you advertise opportunities to students.

Hiring International Students

The University of Minnesota has over 6,000 international students. Hiring international students is quick, easy, and cost-free. Check out our Ways to Hire UMN International Students Handout (PDF) for more information.

Diversify Your Workforce With International Candidates