Career Peer Advisor
Fun fact
I play five instruments 
Life story
I was born in Minnesota but I moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin when I was about 4 and have lived there ever since. In high school I took architecture classes through a local technical college and found my love for architecture.
Sailing, music, painting
Funny story
I once flipped over my sailboat and had to be rescued by the coast guard; before they flipped the boat back, they took pictures and laughed.
Favorite place in the whole world
My grandparents house in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Something you wish you had more time for


Best way to spend a Saturday
In bed doing absolutely nothing
What's the one thing you would do, if you were able to do it
Live in Europe
Individual you most admire
My grandpa
"We're almost there and nowhere near it" - Lorelai Gilmore