ChatGPT Career Tips


ChatGPT and other AI tools can assist with many components of your job and internship search. If you know how to use it effectively and responsibly, ChatGPT can be a great resource to help you explore your career options and strengthen your application materials. 

How ChatGPT Can Be Used for Your Job Search 

Career Exploration

Discover alternate job titles in an industry to broaden your job search.

  • Sample prompt: What job titles would someone who studied Retail Merchandising have?
  • Sample prompt: What are job titles similar to a business analyst?

Learn what jobs you may be qualified for based on your resume.

  • Sample prompt: What are some job roles that align with the skills and experiences reflected in this resume? [paste resume]

Explore industry-specific resources helpful for your job search.

  • Sample prompt: I am looking for entry-level positions as a graphic designer. Can you provide a list of industry-specific resources to help find open opportunities?

Application Materials 

Identify themes of a job description to highlight in a resume or cover letter.

  • Sample prompt: Read this job description and identify the top five skills I should highlight in my application materials. [paste job posting]

Add detail and variety to your job experience descriptions.

  • Sample prompt: Write three potential options to describe customer service experience in a resume.
  • Sample prompt: What are five similar action verbs to “assisted” to use in a resume?

Create a cover letter based on your resume.

  • Sample prompt: Create a cover letter for a Patient Coordinator at Mayo Clinic based on this resume that emphasizes empathy and communication skills.


Predict questions you might be asked during a job interview.

  • Sample prompt: What behavioral interview questions might be asked based on this job description? [paste job posting]

Generate questions to ask at the end of your interview.

  • Sample prompt: Provide five questions to ask at the end of an interview to gauge a company’s culture. 

Generate questions to ask an informational interview:

  • Sample prompt: Provide 10 questions to ask in an informational interview with a Park Ranger to understand more about working for the federal government.

Professional Correspondence/Networking 

Compose professional emails, such as requests to schedule an informational interview or write a letter of recommendation.

  • Sample prompt: Write an email to Josie Becker requesting a virtual informational interview to learn more about her experience as a project manager at 3M.
  • Sample prompt: Write a thank you note to Liam for the opportunity to interview for the Product Designer position at Target.

Write materials for sections of your LinkedIn profile.

  • Sample prompt: Review my resume and write five sentences for the About section of my LinkedIn profile. [paste resume]
  • Sample prompt: What are 5 possible LinkedIn headlines for a current undergraduate student studying Architecture who is passionate about sustainability?

Overall Tips

  • Always edit accordingly! Never copy and paste from ChatGPT without fully reading through your results and adjusting it to make it reflect your voice. Results from ChatGPT can be the starting point, but they should never be the final product.
  • Verify the accuracy of any information from ChatGPT. It is not an authoritative source.
  • Use descriptive and specific prompts to get the most thorough results. ChatGPT can only give responses based on the information you provide, so the more detail the better.
  • Provide context by specifying how the information will be used. State if you will are using the answer for a resume, interview, email, etc.
  • ChatGPT is not confidential, and any personal information (such as work experience, addresses, or schooling) can be saved and used by the machine in other ways. Be careful of what private information you share with ChatGPT.
  • Make an appointment with your career consultant if you want more personalized and direct support!