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A resume is a one page document that highlights your most relevant experiences, skills and strengths to an employer.  It is an effective and efficient way to tell your story and highlight your unique qualifications for that position and employer. For detailed information about how to write a resume, check out our Resume Writing Handout (PDF).

Common Content Categories

  • Education
  • Experience (projects, professional experience, research, leadership, volunteer, etc.)
  • Involvement or Activities (if not incorporated into experience sections)
  • Technical or Field-specific Skills 

If your most relevant experience is in the classroom, include that in your resume. For example:

Toy Product Design 

  • Analyzed over 30 products from different companies to build one multi-function toy 
  • Performed a materials-cost breakdown on 10 different products to find the optimal selling price

Human Resources
Health Care Delivery Systems
Humanistic Health Care & Communication

    Administration and Management
    Addiction Studies
    Medical Terminology

    AI Resume Analysis

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    Sample Progressive Resume from Freshman to Senior Year


    Sample Freshman Resume


    Sample Sophomore Resume


    Sample Junior Resume


    Sample Senior Resume

    Resume Templates

    If you need a starting point from which you will customize to reflect your brand and industry norms, download one of our templates.

    Download Template 1

    Downloadable Resume Template 1

    Download Template 2

    Downloadable Resume Template 2


    Applicant Tracking System Resumes

    If you are applying online, most companies use computer programs or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to pre-screen applicants before they get reviewed by a human. Create an ATS Resume based on keywords and qualifications from the job description and avoid most formatting. 

    Check out our Sample ATS Resume and ATS Resume Quick Tips.

    Get Individualized Resume Help

    Take advantage of our drop-in reviews or make an appointment with your career consultant.

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