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Employers often ask for a list of references as part of your application when applying for a job. This is a simple listing of 3-5 past supervisors or faculty that can tell the employer about your work ethic and skills.  References should be on a separate page from your resume.


Utilize consistent formatting throughout all of your professional documents, including your resume, cover letter, and references. Keep the header that contains your name and contact info the same and utilize consistent font style. 


List the name, title, company name, address, phone and email for all references.  Also consider including the length and nature of the relationship (i.e. Direct Supervisor, 3 years).  Check out our References Handout (PDF) for a sample list.

Additional Tips

  • Select people you know from an academic and/or professional environment (not family or friends)
  • Always ask permission to use someone as a reference and give them a copy of your resume in advance
  • Help the person be a great reference for you by sharing why you are interested in this position and what your biggest skills and qualifications are for it. Provide them with examples of things you are hoping to highlight (i.e. "I think the marketing project I completed in your course would be great to highlight as an example of my research and analytic skills.").

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