Research Opportunities

Student Researching in Lab

5 Tips for Finding Research Opportunities

  1. Office of Undergraduate Research provides numerous research opportunities including multicultural summer research, undergraduate research, international opportunities programs, and directed research to name a few. Check out potential faculty sponsors in CDes and CFANS.
  2. Find a student job in a research lab at the U of M, or at other campuses through Pathways to Science and the National Science Foundation.
  3. Think Like a Researcher is designed to help undergraduate students become comfortable with the research skills and tools needed to participate. 
  4. Meet with a Peer Research Consultant to help you get started with faculty-sponsored research and with your research papers or assignments.
  5. Discover faculty research areas with Experts@MinnesotaType in keywords and use filters to find faculty whose research interests you. Search tips:
  • "Projects/Grants" for "active" status
  • "Profiles" to find related faculty, their departments, projects and publications.
  • "Research Units" to find units associated with CFANS (consider other colleges too!) 

Tips for Talking with Faculty About Research

  • Ask faculty if they have any research opportunities for students.
  • If you send an email inquiry, follow up within 3-4 days, and again 3-4 days later if you have not heard back.
  • If you stop by their office (which is more personal than email, and indicates effort and motivation), acknowledge that they may be busy and offer to schedule an appointment if that would be more convenient for them.
  • Introduce yourself: why you are interested in their research, your qualifications (courses, any work experience, your availability and flexibility). Convey your interest and enthusiasm!
  • Bring your resume to help you talk through your skills, experience, qualifications.
  • Follow up immediately with a thank you note and whatever else was requested or decided upon in your meeting.

You may be able to earn credit for your research experience.  Talk to your Academic Advisor to learn more.